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Company : Pure Purpose Cosmetics
Website :
Aggregate Review : All Reviews  5 out of 5 , votes , 16 reviews
Best moisture cream I've ever used  

I looked around for ages for a rich moisture cream that was ethical, sustainable and not from a huge multi-national. I bought the green tea balm and it is wonderful! A little really does go a long way, it absorbs really well and it smells delicious! I was also sent a deodorant sample and an intense regeneration sample too which I've not tried yet but judging by all the other reviews I won't be disappointed! So glad I've found this company, love their ethics. I'll be back!

January 14, 2021  
Fabulous products  

I ordered some plum facial oil and it is really good. My skin feels smooth and hydrated and I love the smell too.

I was also gifted some pure purpose deodorant which works really well and again smells great.

I am so glad to have found this company, their customer care is excellent and their products pure, simple and really effective.

December 11, 2020  
Plum Oil and Intense Regeneration Face and Neck Cream  

I was influenced by a celeb to try Plum Oil but at the price of the product they used it was out of my league. Found Pure Purpose by chance,placed an order for the sample size. Holy wow it's amazing. Dry hair (extensions) applied a small amount left for a few hours and washed as glossy and shiny again. "Maskne" is a thing for me now, used the oil at night on full face but with extra applied to problem areas and the issue is now gone. I swear down it's a miracle in a bottle. Recieved the cream as a free sample been using this both morning and night and my 40+ year old face is definitely thankful for this little wonder pot. So light to apply. Make up goes on a dream. Back today to get the full size products ordered as they are now my dream team.Highly recommend both products.

November 20, 2020  

Pure Purpose is a brand that never fails to impress thanks to their high quality, plant-based ingredients that go into their natural, cruelty-free, vegan friendly products.

It is no surprise that their beautiful range is award-winning, as their passion for healthy skin is realised in their products that harness the power of plants, herbs and botanical extracts to create hand-blended items in small batches to ensure the freshest products are incorporated easily into your skincare routine.

December 4, 2019   Website   
Amazing face oil  

Having tried many oils, often a very high price has to be paid to get one this good. The face oil is now a must purchase item for me, leaves my skin super soft! Love it!

September 18, 2019   Website   
No foul smell deodorant for runners  

I bought this deodorant back in the summer with great results but decided to delay the review and put this to the test in my winter runs. Wearing long sleeves on the winter runs I tend to sweat more and my clothes always end up with that sweaty deodorant smell. As any runner will know it takes a lot of deep washing to get rid of that deo sweat smell and the whites soon become a bit yellow. Well not any more for me, since I've started using Lavender Fresh deodorant cream there is never a sweat smell, and no chaffing. Plus if I am travelling I scoop some out into a small container, well below my 100ml allowance. Would highly recommend this over other natural brands. Thank you Pure Purpose.

January 9, 2019  
Amazing, cellulite be gone  

Over the years I have tried all sorts to get rid of cellulite, I even gave up coffee and caffeine for a whole year when I was younger with no result. I have found that exercise and diet go a long way in combating the dreaded orange peel look, but you still need a good product to assist from the outside. Your Tea Tree, Peppermint and Coffee body scrub worked wonders and the sustainability and cruelty free, ticks all the boxes! Thank you.

July 4, 2018  
Can’t get enough of it!  

Truly amazing and insanely affordable products that will make your skin bloom!
If you looking for clearer and healthier skin look no further then Pure Purpose!
I’ve spent years trying to find natural solution that smooths my skin, reduces redness and blemishes without irritating my skin and Pure purpose does just that.
These amazing products creates beautifully radiant completion, reduces pore size and minimizes breakouts, It has a pleasant fragrance and makes my skin feel super soft and smooth and most importantly is gentle for daily use on face and body without over drying or leaving behind irritating residue!
This product changed my life and I can’t get enough of it!

June 23, 2018  
Back for more!  

Hi, I bought one of your scrubs at Vegfest Brighton this month. I was given a sample of your face oil and loved it, as did both my daughters. We're back for more! it's been great for my mature skin, my 24 yr old's dry patches, and balancing the oily skin and flare-ups of my 14 yr old. And all from a little sample! thanks very much, it's a great product.

April 24, 2018  
Funfor all the family  

I bought a Seaweed and Eucalyptus scrub-which I love-and was given a sample of the Anti-Aging Face Oil. It was great on my mature skin, really light but effective; it was also stolen by my daughters and used on the 24 yr olds dry patches, and on the 14 yr olds oily skin with flare-ups. It worked so well for us all I've bought myself a bottle..but I suspect I'll be getting them their own soon!

April 10, 2018  
Reviewing the Pure Purpose Range  

The Pure Purpose range is a beautiful little range that has been carefully thought out, well executed & performed really well! I would recommend this to anyone and a few friends may well find this in their Christmas stocking. I look forward to this range expanding & seeing what else the future holds for this small brand.

September 4, 2017   Website   
Anyone for a coffee......scrub?  

...using a coffee scrub has slowly become one of my favourite ways to exfoliate. Plus the extra hidden benefits of using a coffee scrub (goodbye cellulite!) make it a no brainer!


If you aren't sold already, the scrubs themselves are fantastic. They smell incredible - my favourite is the Seaweed & Eucalyptus one - Eucalyptus is one of my favourite scents anyway, I find it very spa-esque and extremely refreshing and invigorating...

It's worth noting that unlike another brand I have tried, the packaging of the Pure Purpose scrubs is shower/ water friendly, yay! And it can be sealed back up after each use to prevent any accidental spills.

The scrubs are affordable and are available in cute travel sizes too - great if you want to take them away or get one to try!

September 4, 2017   Website   

The delicious smelling Wheatgrass and Lemongrass body scrub that I used... is 100% natural meaning that every single ingredient that I massaged onto my body, I recognized. Which in this chemical day and age, is not usually plausible.

And the Anti-Aging Face Oil, has not only made its way into my skincare routine, but also into my makeup routine, where I have been adding a few drops to my base makeup to add extra hydration and glow to my skin.

This face oil is packed full of natural oils including hemp, hazelnut and walnut to name a few. But surprisingly for how many natural oils are mixed into this pot I don't find the formula greasy at all. It has much more of a serum like consistency, making it perfect to wear day and night.

July 24, 2017   Website   

Today I am going to talk about this amazing face oil, simply because I love it...

The oil makes my skin look more vibrant, healthy and full of energy. I really recommend it to anyone who loves face oils and want a natural combination for their skin.

June 27, 2017   Website   
Absolutely Divine  

a heavenly scented scrub with Turmeric and Orange and a variety of other delicious fragrances...........absolutely divine.

June 26, 2017   Website   
Anti-Aging Face Oil  

Received your anti-aging face oil and have been using it for a couple weeks now. Think your product is fantastic, it's easily absorbed and leaves my skin looking and feeling healthier. Totally satisfied! Will be ordering more.

June 23, 2017