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Company : Pure Purpose Cosmetics
Website :
Reviewing the Pure Purpose Range  

The Pure Purpose range is a beautiful little range that has been carefully thought out, well executed & performed really well! I would recommend this to anyone and a few friends may well find this in their Christmas stocking. I look forward to this range expanding & seeing what else the future holds for this small brand.

September 4, 2017    Website   
Anyone for a coffee......scrub?  

...using a coffee scrub has slowly become one of my favourite ways to exfoliate. Plus the extra hidden benefits of using a coffee scrub (goodbye cellulite!) make it a no brainer!


If you aren't sold already, the scrubs themselves are fantastic. They smell incredible - my favourite is the Seaweed & Eucalyptus one - Eucalyptus is one of my favourite scents anyway, I find it very spa-esque and extremely refreshing and invigorating...

It's worth noting that unlike another brand I have tried, the packaging of the Pure Purpose scrubs is shower/ water friendly, yay! And it can be sealed back up after each use to prevent any accidental spills.

The scrubs are affordable and are available in cute travel sizes too - great if you want to take them away or get one to try!

September 4, 2017    Website   

The delicious smelling Wheatgrass and Lemongrass body scrub that I used... is 100% natural meaning that every single ingredient that I massaged onto my body, I recognized. Which in this chemical day and age, is not usually plausible.

And the Anti-Aging Face Oil, has not only made its way into my skincare routine, but also into my makeup routine, where I have been adding a few drops to my base makeup to add extra hydration and glow to my skin.

This face oil is packed full of natural oils including hemp, hazelnut and walnut to name a few. But surprisingly for how many natural oils are mixed into this pot I don't find the formula greasy at all. It has much more of a serum like consistency, making it perfect to wear day and night.

July 24, 2017    Website   

Today I am going to talk about this amazing face oil, simply because I love it...

The oil makes my skin look more vibrant, healthy and full of energy. I really recommend it to anyone who loves face oils and want a natural combination for their skin.

June 27, 2017    Website   
Absolutely Divine  

a heavenly scented scrub with Turmeric and Orange and a variety of other delicious fragrances...........absolutely divine.

June 26, 2017    Website   
Anti-Aging Face Oil  

Received your anti-aging face oil and have been using it for a couple weeks now. Think your product is fantastic, it's easily absorbed and leaves my skin looking and feeling healthier. Totally satisfied! Will be ordering more.

June 23, 2017