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About us

Pure Purpose is an award-winning natural skincare company based in the heart of Kent. We are dedicated to offering products that are highly effective and affordable.
"I started Pure Purpose with the intention of creating exceptional products made for real people; affordable, yet adhering to the highest standards. Not to promise miracles, but to offer products that are genuinely therapeutic, effective, organic and full of antioxidants".
Magdalena (Founder)

our mission

Our inspiration comes from many years of travelling and observing the natural approach taken to beauty in different parts of the world. Whether it is the Middle East, Asia, Africa, or Europe, each region has its own unique traditions of using natural ingredients and a plethora of herbs, plants and remedies. It is our mission to utilise this knowledge and offer products made only from natural ingredients that have been tried, tested and used successfully in different parts of the world over many generations. We would also like to inspire more people to follow nature and discover, as we did, that "natural" can be just as potent and effective as synthetic.

oils from upcycled ingredients

With fruits farmed for jams and juices, the seeds are most often sent to landfills. With a new market emerging, the seeds and kernels are saved for further processing and oil extraction.
A cosmetic market was discovered by creating oils with powerful inherent benefits and an even more powerful ingredient conscience: zero waste.

zero waste beauty

Besides being vegan as well as cruelty & plastic free, we strive to use as much of the alternative industries' by-products as possible.

By harnessing the powerful micronutrients and vitamins already present within by-products, we can use this waste resourcefully, without compromising on product quality or efficacy.

Our Promise

Pure Purpose promises products that are free of fillers or chemicals—a brand where you do not need to check the label for hidden surprises. We do not emphasise on a ‘ritual’ but the end result. We also commit to sustainable and mindful sourcing practices.

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