Founding Friends

Magdalena and Anna met in Cape Town, South Africa where they both grew up and have been close friends since their teenage years.

Living in sunny South Africa they were very close to nature. Time at home meant time outside in the pool or the garden. Parents did not have to invent activities for their children as there was always so much to explore out in the open. Meals often consisted of raw fruit and vegetables eaten al fresco and healthy living was a way of life.


Both Magdalena and Anna are of Polish descent. In their homes, as in many Polish homes, natural remedies and herbal treatments were the norm and it was not unusual for their parents to make their own traditional medicines like cough syrups, facial products like scrubs and masks for hair and body. They grew up believing the body had its own healing abilities and medication was to be used as a last resort. Garlic was a natural antibiotic; linseeds were a daily source of vitamins & fibre and parsley improved digestion. Similarly, oats were used as a quick face scrub and facemasks were made out of honey and oil.

In their twenties they both went travelling and exploring the world... Magdalena travelled throughout the Middle East and Anna travelled through Europe, deciding eventually to live in Poland. Years later, without any conferring, they both found themselves living in Canterbury in the United Kingdom.

After much catching up and many chats, both Magdalena and Anna found that neither could find skin care products that were simple, effective and more importantly 100% natural. Natural alternatives were not only in short supply, but were not always effective and more often than not very expensive. They wanted to create products that were preservative and cruelty-free; and establish a brand that would be active in promoting sustainability and yet remain accessible to everyone.  With their passion for natural remedies, Pure Purpose was born.


Pure Purpose is very much a “family affair”. Magdalena and Anna’s mothers were good friends in South Africa, and the two families spent a great deal of time together. Magdalena’s mother has a Masters in Organic Chemistry and she was instrumental in the original product development. Anna’s mother is a lawyer and helped with the setting up of the company. They both enjoyed working together after so many years and love the fact that their daughters are now in partnership. Their children and partners also regularly participate in brainstorming meetings.

“The idea was to create a simple skincare range that was both ageless and genderless. We wanted a variety of opinions on what was lacking, hence the need to include both my husband and father in certain brainstorming sessions,” says Anna.

“Much of our inspiration comes from years of travelling and observing the approach towards natural beauty in different parts of the world. Each region has its own specific culture of using natural ingredients. It gives us an incredible satisfaction to see others use and enjoy the products we make,” says Magdalena.